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We are in the process of transitioning the NYSSA Online Membership System to a new format and server. It is our goal that this new system will better serve our members, club administrators and the Association. 

In order to complete this process the system had to be taken down for a short period. During this period of time no memberships can be entered and you will not be able to access the system.   This action is being coordinated with the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our clubs or members but there is just no painless way of going from one system to the next without this interruption in service. 

If you absolutely require a membership immediately, please call the NYSSA Office for assistance, at 888-624-3849 x 103.

Thank you for your patience!

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NYSSA Rides with Governor Andrew Cuomo

NYSSA rides with Governor

Pictured let to right: Dom Jacangelo, NYSSA Executive Director; Jim Rolf, NYSSA Trails Coordinator; Randy Phillips, NYSSA Vice President; Rosanne Warner, NYSSA Secretary; Governor Cuomo; Jim Elmore, NYSSA President; and Roger McCabe, former NYSSA Treasurer.

Governor announces new campaign to promote New York as winter recreation destination, recognizes contributions of NYSSA members

LOWVILLE, NY – New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo highlighted the importance of snowmobiling in the Empire State on Monday, December 30, during an event at which he announced a $4.5 million international winter tourism campaign that is under way in the new year. Cuomo followed up the press event – which also featured as speakers local and statewide elected officials, New York Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joseph Martens and New York State Snowmobile Association Executive Director Dominic Jacangelo – with a snowmobile ride on the Tug Hill Plateau. Among the state legislative officials attending the event were Senator Betty Little and Senator Joe Griffo as well as Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush and Assemblywomen Addie Russell.

“We were pleased to accompany Governor Cuomo on this snowmobile ride. It offered a great opportunity to discuss with him the challenges to the sport and the industry,” Jacangelo said. “We had the chance to engage in conversations with the governor, and he had positive comments for the snowmobile community and the work we do.”

A set of ads with an “I [Snowmobile] New York” logo was launched on the first of the year as part of the advertising campaign. In his speech Monday, Governor Cuomo acknowledged the $868 million economic impact the sport of snowmobiling has in New York alone. Snowmobiling will be one part of the winter recreation campaign.

Also highlighted by the governor was $11 million worth of trail maintenance and development grants since 2011, made possible by distributions from the state’s Trail Development and Maintenance Fund. The Fund contains snowmobile registration fees paid by snowmobilers and directed to supporting volunteer efforts and those by municipalities to create and maintain one of the best snowmobile trail networks in the country.

“Having the governor on a snowmobile ride afforded him the opportunity to see firsthand the work done by snowmobiling clubs across the state,” NYSSA President James Elmore said. “The best part of the day could have been when the governor stopped by the Valley Snow Travelers' groomer shed and took the time to thank the volunteers of the club for the hard work that they put in on the trails week in and week out.”

The New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA), a non-profit corporation, is the largest snowmobile association in the country working on behalf of the registered NY snowmobile owners, who contribute $868 million to the New York State economy, and 242 snowmobile clubs to improve trails, facilities and services for participants, and defend snowmobilers against discriminatory legislation.

Written by Dominic Jacangelo   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 16:22



As mentioned in previous months, Protect the Adirondacks is at it again with its efforts to stop snowmobiling in the Adirondack Park.

In its April lawsuit against the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Adirondack Park Agency,this group is trying to halt the construction,

development and maintenance of new trails within the Forest Preserve. In order to protect our rights as a snowmobiling community, the New York State Snowmobile Association has presented an affidavit to negate false claims made by this elitist organization.

In an affidavit submitted by Trails Coordinator Jim Rolf, NYSSA offers an expert view regarding the necessity of using snow grooming vehicles. It provides insight with regard to the trail grooming process, and the practices employed by club volunteers to minimize impacts upon the Forest Preserve.  The affidavit also pointed out the economic benefits of community connectors to many Adirondack Communities.

NYSSA is proud to announce the New York State Supreme Court has officially ruled the Affidavit as admissible in this case. This is a win for the sport of snowmobiling, as our status as a third party provides tremendous validation in the fight against this baseless lawsuit.

Snowmobiling is a valuable pastime for communities within the blue line, especially when considering the economic benefits it brings. We will not allow “Protect the Adirondacks” to continue to make false claims regarding our usage of trails. NYSSA, our members and our clubs all show great respect for the natural beauty and resources of the Adirondacks, and we will continue to advocate for snowmobiling on safe trails in the Park.

It is unclear when the court will make a decision relative to the major issues in the litigation. 

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knight Trail Defender: Fighting to Defend our Right for Access!
by Dominic Jacangelo, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 888-624-3849 x104

Back in 2000 NYSSA established a new program called “Trail Defender.” The program was set up to provide financial assistance in support of litigation that defended our right to use trails. Last year this dedicated fund supported the efforts of the Tri Valley Trail Riders to defend themselves in an Article 78 proceeding that sought to deny them access to the Lehigh Valley Trail in Madison County. This year the fund is being used to enter into litigation brought by “Protect” that would deny snowmobilers safe access to the Adirondack Park.

For many years the Department of Environmental Conservation, NYS Parks, the snowmobile community and the environmental community had worked diligently together on a plan for snowmobiling in the Adirondack Park. While neither the snowmobile community nor the environmental community got everything they wanted, the joint effort resulted in a comprehensive Snowmobile Plan for the Adirondack Park, which received the approval of the Adirondack Park Agency. This plan offered the potential of improved environmental protection for the Forest Preserve while offering better connectivity among the Adirondack communities.

Snowmobiling is critical to the livelihood of many Adirondack Park residents. If Protect is successful in their litigation, an opportunity to provide improved environmental protection to the Park will be lost and many communities will no longer share in the $868 million dollars in economic activity that is generated by snowmobiling each year. That doesn’t sound like protecting the Adirondacks to me.

Why should we be involved? Our last snowmobile owners’ survey clearly showed that the importance of the Adirondack Park as a snowmobile destination is growing. Thirty-seven percent of all snowmobile rides that occurred in New York last winter occurred within the Park. If Protect is able to sustain their position it will be a fatal blow to the snowmobile community in New York and just as importantly it will deny many Adirondack communities a winter economy.

We have engaged a law firm to represent our interests in these actions. They are very familiar with the snowmobile community and are very good at what they do. Being involved does cost money and this case is likely to drag on for some time. That means even more resources will be expended.

Please support the trails you ride on! Please donate to the Trail Defender fund! You can make a $20 donation by upgrading your membership via the NYSSA Online Membership System, or send a check in any amount, made out to NYSSA Trail Defender Fund, PO Box 1040, Pine Bush, NY 12566. Thank you!




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