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How It All Began...
The New York Snowmobile Coordinating Group emerged in 1975 from a melting pot of diverse groups with common goals.
The name was changed to the New York State Snowmobile Association in 1996. NYSSA is a volunteer effort of snowmobilers and organizations striving to improve the sport. The State of New York as well as many international sport and industry associations recognize NYSSA as the voice of New York snowmobilers.

Our Mission
NYSSA seeks to preserve and improve snowmobiling in New York State.
NYSSA works toward improving trails, facilities and services for participants, and defends snowmobilers against discriminatory legislation. NYSSA works to protect landowners, review and watchdog the NYS Trail Fund and is constantly seeking additional Trail funding programs.

NYSSA continually works to improve communications in every aspect of snowmobiling. NYSSA coordinates and provides leadership for New York State Snowmobile Clubs and Organizations in developing and implementing policies, strategies and action plans which foster the growth of safe snowmobiling.

Board of Directors
Each Director represents either a multi or single county district.
Each club or county association can nominate a candidate, then the clubs within the district elect the Director. Directors work with each club in their districts giving all snowmobilers a chance to be in touch with NYSSA at the local level.

What NYSSA Does

What follows is a short list of some of the things we do:

  • Statewide advocacy for the sport
  • Research and develop information on issues relating to the sport
  • Research, identify and acquire general liability insurance to cover all TME’s involved in trail maintenance.
  • Develop information on best management practices for the clubs.
  • Seek out sources for club insurance at affordable prices (D&O).
  • Develop legislative proposals for the benefit of the sport.
  • Seek out and communicate with members of the legislature supportive of NYSSA issues.
  • Advise State Parks on issues important to snowmobilers.
  • Intervene with State Parks and sponsors when they are in conflict with the club.
  • Developed comprehensive information on the economics of snowmobiling.
  • Developed comprehensive information on the demographics of snowmobilers.
  • Developed comprehensive information on snowmobiler attitudes towards trail issues.
  • Interact with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on snowmobile program information.
  • Advise DMV on the on-line registration system.
  • Work with the Department of Environmental Conservation on ensuring snowmobiling issues are considered in Unit Management Plans.
  • Work with corporate sponsors to acquire benefits for association members.
  • Investigate snowmobile accidents and provides information to specialized counsel.
  • Teach proper trail signage.
  • Investigate member complaints regarding the condition of trails.
  • Report to clubs and Parks the absence of trail maintenance and signage.
  • Seek ways to improve safety on our trails.
  • Act as a statewide spokesperson for snowmobile related issues.
  • Ensure that snowmobile related businesses are given credit for the jobs they support.
  • Organize and hold an annual Educational Forum for all snowmobilers (18th Educational Forum).
  • Provide specialized training for snowmobile club volunteers.
  • Assist the clubs with meeting state mandates.
  • Provide GPS training for club members.
  • Provide an online system for club membership.
  • Formally respond to government reports regarding the snowmobile community.
  • Oppose legislation that threatens the viability of the sport.
  • Recognize and call attention to those public officials who have supported the sport.
  • Represent the sport on the State Trails Council and the Forest Preserve Advisory Committee.
  • Ensure that snowmobiling receives it fair share of federal RTP grants.
  • Provides through partners, a $4000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy.
  • Provide two college scholarships for NYSSA members.
  • Coordinate with other state, Regional and National Snowmobile Associations on issues of importance to snowmobilers.
  • Provide research grants to support NY university participation in the Clean Sled Challenge.
  • Produce 12 issues of the New York Snowmobiler Online Magazine.
  • Produce two additional print issues of the New York Snowmobiler magazine in partnership with Supertrax Magazine.
  • Raise money for charitable organizations; Easter Seals, Pink Ribbon Riders and USO.
  • Coordinate the TRP for the Adirondack Travel Corridor for snowmobile clubs.

Why should you belong?
To continue NYSSA's success, we need the support of every snowmobiler and club in the state.
We have ambitious goals and we face critical issues. It's imperative that NYSSA remains a strong and active voice in Albany and a determined guardian of the Trails Fund for snowmobilers across the state. NYSSA is a valuable source of helpful information on everything from effective political contact to trail construction, from equipment maintenance techniques to new trail riding opportunities.

NYSSA is an equal opportunity corporation and does not discriminate for employment or membership on the basis of race, gender, religious belief, national origin or physical ability.

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