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2012 Economic Impact Study


May 8, 2012


The Snowmobile Industry Contributes $860 Million to New York State, According to a New Study
SUNY Potsdam Institute for Applied Research findings show economic impact of the sport of snowmobiling

PINE BUSH, NY – An economic assessment undertaken by the SUNY Potsdam Institute for Applied Research shows that the sport of snowmobiling delivers an economic impact of more than $860 million to New York State annually.  The New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA) revealed the findings of the assessment to more than 600 NYSSA members who attended the 2012 Educational Forum and Annual Meeting in Lake Placid.

The results of this assessment are designed to analyze what the sport of snowmobiling means to New York State’s businesses and municipalities.  In comparison, a 2011 study done by the Iowa State University Department of Economics determined that snowmobiling has a $123 million economic impact in the state of Iowa.

“Our previous study shows that, even after adjusting for cost of living and other factors, snowmobiling has been a growing activity during the last decade with significant economic impact for New York State “ – Dr. J. Patrick Turbett, SUNY Potsdam

Results of this economic assessment show that on average, a New York State snowmobiler spends more than $3,000 individually every year for snowmobile related activities.  This figure does not include the $45 registration fee required for each sled every year.

“We tasked the SUNY Potsdam Institute for Applied Research with this economic assessment to accurately determine the current contribution of the snowmobile industry. By collaborating with the SUNY Potsdam Institute for Applied Research we ensured that the findings would withstand peer review,” said Dominic Jacangelo, Executive Director of NYSSA.  “In addition to financial numbers, this survey informed NYSSA of our current demographics and how snowmobilers feel about our sport in New York State.  These results are critical in ensuring snowmobiling interests have a voice on the federal, state and local levels.”

Survey results broke down how much money snowmobilers spent on sleds, travel, insurance, maintenance, gasoline, clothing, service and repairs during the 2010 – 2011 season.  Distributed online and via mail, 5,916 surveys were completed.  In comparison, the prior survey in 2003 returned 1,350 results. 

“Our Economic Impact Survey really brings into perspective how difficult this past winter was,” said Gary Broderick, President of NYSSA.  “With lower than average snowfalls across the state, snowmobilers were not able to spend the amount of time on their sleds as usual and that directly leads to less money spent as well.  Along our 10,500 miles of trails across New York State, there are a variety of restaurants, convenient stores, gas pumps and snowmobile dealers that rely on our sport as a source of revenue, as evident by our study.”

Additional work is being undertaken by the Institute regarding the sport involving snowmobile dealers and businesses that depend on snowmobilers for a portion of their revenue stream during certain times of the year.  Complete results of the study will be released later this year.

The New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA), a non-profit corporation, is the largest snowmobile association in the country working on behalf of the registered NY snowmobile owners, who contribute more than $860 million to the New York economy, and 235 snowmobile clubs to improve trails, facilities and services for participants, and defend snowmobilers against discriminatory legislation.

2011-12 Economic Impact Study

2011-12 Preliminary Results, Forum 2012 PPT Presentation by P. Turbett, SUNY Potsdam

Profile of Snowmobiling Households, preliminary

2003 Economic Impact Study

This study was conducted by the NYS Department of Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

The study calculated amongst its results, a conservatively estimated economic impact of snowmobiling in New York State of $875 million dollars per year.

Click here for the 2003 Economic Impact Study alt

1998 Economic Impact Study

Click here for the 1998 Economic Impact Study alt (warning: extremely large file, 10MB)

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